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Announcing election result, expected seats of Kurdish political parties

Bestoon Khalid hosted the election night on Rudaw Media Network on October 10, 2021 to announce and analyze the results of Iraqi parliamentary elections. In this short video which is dragged out from a 17-hour non-stop broadcast, Bestoon announces the estimated seats for the Kurdish parties in the Iraqi parliament, at 22:30, October 10, 2022, being the first person to give an overall perspective on the election results.

Based on the evaluation Bestoon and his team conducted from the data they collected from reporters, the announced results were as following:

- KDP: 30 seats (+/-2)

- PUK: 20 seats (+/-2)

- Naway Nwe: 7-8 seats

- KIU: 3 seats

- KIG: 1-2 seats

The official results announced weeks later were as following:

- KDP: 31 seats

- PUK: 19 seats

- Naway Nwe: 9 seats

- KIU: 4 seats

-KIG: 1 seat


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